Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our story...

Until now, UniqueStones has been a more private wholesaling company. I had been doing business with my customers on a more private scale; I had focused more on the details of the jewelry than the understanding of what that one piece of jewelry meant. However, I began to understand the impact that my jewelry can have when my eldest daughter got engaged. I worked with her fiancĂ© on making the perfect ring for her, as I had done with many customers in the past, and then I was able to watch as their story played out. Seeing how the happiness and love of two people can turn into a lifetime commitment; and seeing my daughter’s overwhelming happiness with the engagement ring that she received, not only because of its radiant beauty but also because of its significance was very rewarding. Therefore, I have decided to bring UniqueStones to the public where I can focus more on the unique story behind each one of the stones in every piece of our jewelry. 

-January 2, 2012: Arielle & Oren's Engagement

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